Endowed Support

The Gift for Today and Tomorrow

Endowments are permanent sources of support that help build a firm foundation for UConn’s future. Endowments are gifts of money or other donated property, such as stocks or bonds, that are invested to produce ongoing income for designated purposes. Because they are invested, endowments can provide a perpetual gift to support faculty chairs, scholarships, lecture series and many more initiatives across the University of Connecticut.

Why are Endowments Important to UConn?

The UConn Foundation holds and manages more than 1,100 endowments, the combined value of which has grown to more than $250 million. These endowed funds are critical to securing UConn’s long-term financial stability. When alumni and friends establish endowments, the Foundation invests the funds to provide a permanent source of financial support to benefit the University. Working with a team of professional investment managers and advisors, and with oversight from the Board of Directors’ Investment Committee, Foundation staff work to continue this growth and provide a sustainable base of ongoing support. For more information about how the Foundation manages the University's endowment, please visit the Investment Management page.

How Does UConn Compare to Peer Universities?

While UConn's endowment has grown dramatically in the past decade, the University lags behind most peer and aspirational peer institutions. Growing UConn's endowment to a level consummate with its reputation and ambitions is a key institutional goal.


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