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Leadership Giving

stories-2013-ag-leadership.jpgLeadership Giving

Donors who give at the leadership level of greater than $1,000 know that their contributions directly affect the students, faculty and programs they support. These generous gifts have the power to make a significant difference in a student’s future or a faculty member’s research.

The Power of Annual Leadership Gifts

The University of Connecticut Foundation celebrates donors who give annually at the $1,000 to $25,000 level as special contributors to the ongoing quest for excellence at UConn. Donors at the leadership level can take satisfaction that their contributions have an immediate and direct impact on the students, faculty and programs they support. Their generous gifts have the power to make a major difference in a student’s future or a faculty member’s research.

2012-09-leadership-brochure.jpgLeadership gifts may be designated for specific purposes or made to a general fund such as The Fund for UConn, which provides support to areas of greatest need within the University. When you give on an annual basis you enable UConn to plan for the future with assurance.

For more information about Leadership Giving, please take a moment to read our brochure.

Examples of how giving at various levels can help:

BLUE AND WHITE CIRCLE ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Funds three Learning Community seminars that highlight career interests and provide a network of support during college and beyond
  • Supports one semester of weekly evening cultural and educational programs in the residence halls

NUTMEG CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999)

  • Supports summer research or creative projects for undergraduates to gain valuable added experience 
  • Allows two students to attend an alternative break service learning experience that heightens awareness of critical social issues and encourages civic engagement


  • Enables the library to subscribe for two years to a digital database of the New York Times dating to 1851 
  • Supports internships to provide students with academic credit or practical work experience while testing career options and building professional relationships

WILBUR CROSS CIRCLE ($10,000-$14,999) 

  • Provides student mentoring to five incoming Honors students 
  • Brings distinguished lecturers to campus to share their knowledge and expertise through UConn's Global Leadership Commission

PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE ($15,000-$25,000)

  • Supports 50 students on a trip to the Gulf Coast for community service experience
  • A gift of $25,000 or more, payable over five years, will name and endow a need- or merit-based scholarship that exists in perpetuity

Increase the Value of Your Gift

More than 8,000 U.S. companies match their employees’ gifts to the UConn Foundation. Click here or contact your human resources department to find out if your employer matches gifts made to the Foundation.

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