Our Moment (March 2011)

Writer Creates a Writing Endowment
Part Two in a Series About Endowed Faculty

2011-03-enews-bloom.jpg A planned gift from Lynn Bloom, the Aetna Chair of Writing, and Martin Bloom, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, will establish the Bloom Endowment for the Mark Twain Distinguished Author-in-Residence, attracting creative writers and scholars.

"Farmer Without a Farm" Gives Back

2011-03-enews-delfavero.jpg Dick DelFavero '56 '58 spent his professional life building Connecticut. But he always felt like a “farmer without a farm,” until he returned to his love of the land. Today, he is recognized for his contributions to CANHR and its students.

Remembering a Nursing Pioneer

2011-03-enews-widmer.jpgGround will be broken April 13 for the School of Nursing's new Widmer wing, named in honor of the school's first dean, healthcare pioneer Carolyn Ladd Widmer.

Dental School Opens Lab, Honors Emeritus Professor

2011-03-enews-grasso.jpgDonors, faculty and staff gathered in February 3 to celebrate the dedication of the new state-of-the-art Joseph E. Grasso Dental Simulation Lab at the UConn Health Center. The facility will enhance preclinical training for first-, second- and third-year dental students.

UConn Students Create the 'Gift Fairy'

2011-03-enews-gift-fairy.jpgHe's wearing UConn oven mitts and a pink tutu. But the 'Gift Fairy' video created by UConn students showcases the serious nature of how private giving helps the university.
Reprinted from the Daily Campus


A Measured Approach to Parenting

2011-03-enews-protas.jpg Lucille Protas, a parent from New Jersey, takes an equitable approach to paying tuition by making up the difference between her daughter's private college tuition and her son's UConn tuition with a gift to UConn's Parents Fund each year.

When Others Would Not Have Them

2011-03-enews-oishi.jpg Satoshi Oishi '49 was among the Japanese-American students who faced discrimination from numerous colleges and universities after World War II. With his wife, Jeanette '48, he has now created a charitable remainder trust to benefit UConn as a way of saying thank you to the university for welcoming them.

A Lifetime of Love, Fostered by Learning

2011-03-enews-perella.jpg He worked for one of the world’s most secretive organizations. She became his eyes to the world and dedicated her life to helping others find knowledge. Today, Bernie Perella is memorializing his wife through a scholarship for budding writers and teachers.

A Lesson in Giving

2011-03-enews-kuhnly.jpg Lucille Kuhnly, who earned her graduate degree from what is now the Neag School of Education in 1952, is a superb example of the benefits of living—and believing—in the land of steady habits: She has been giving to Fund for UConn for more than 30 years.

Supporting UConn’s Changes

2011-03-enews-cronin.jpg Class of 1965 alumnus Michael Cronin's appreciation for UConn's progress in academics, athletics and diversity has translated into a planned gift to the Fund for UConn, which allows the University to direct monies to its greatest needs.

Giving the Gift of Scholarships

2011-03-enews-brigham.jpg Neil Brigham sought a meaningful gift for his wife, Mary Ellen '81 for Christmas, and while attending a UConn event, realized what that was. They have created an scholarship to help students who benefit from the Center for Students with Disabilities.

An Inspired Gift

2011-03-enews-tanner.jpg Education helped Lucretia Dewey Tanner '62, achieve success in labor and industrial relations. Tanner, who grew up poor, recently created a scholarship in CLAS with her husband William to benefit a student in need.

IN FOCUS: Investment Management

2011-03-enews-endowment.jpg The UConn Foundation manages $337 million in invested assets. What does that mean? How is it managed? A look at our Investment Office and the dedicated alumni who help UConn’s endowment grow.
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